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James Brown

Oct 2, 2017
2476 days ago

Expert at Sourcing

Econosoft is expert at sourcing and closing candidates at all levels. We are fortunate to have Econosoft as recruiting partners and will recommend them to others for exceptional results.

Christopher Green

Sep 29, 2017
2479 days ago


Econosoft is very professional and reliable. I highly recommend connecting with them when in need of pre screened and professional candidates. I have worked with Econosoft for years and frankly, they don’t come much better. They are proactive, hard working and dedicated to finding us the best people out there.

Robert Thomas

Sep 25, 2017
2483 days ago

Delivering Top Talent

I am using Econosoft ‘s services form couple of years and they have ability to drive process and deliver top talent. I highly recommend Econosoft for any organization that is looking for someone that can manage high volume tasks, create/execute process and exceed expectations.

David Walker

Aug 18, 2017
2521 days ago

Top Quality Talent

Econosoft is a strong quality champion and sets the bar for others with improved processes, and the constant drive for delivering quality. Their approach to people is outstanding and is extremely successful in developing those good relationships. Econosoft has also demonstrated terrific competence when engaging with customers and external business partners both at a technical level as well as a higher level in order to convey or discuss concepts.

Richard Collins

Aug 25, 2017
2514 days ago

Pleasure to work with

It’s a pleasure working with Econosoft and can honestly say that they are an absolute star. They are aggressive and quick to respond and get the work done in a very professional way.

Boris Galaev

Oct 5, 2017
2473 days ago

Excellent experience

I am a Java Consultant. I have been connected to Econosoft, Inc for more than 2 years and done 3 projects under them. I am really comfortable working with them in future too. They have excellent coordination with their clients. Always I received a quick response from them. They are very professional in their work. Good Job ECONO !!!.

Alice Straley

Nov 1, 2017
2446 days ago

You are the Best!!!

You understand our business requirements extremely well and have helped us in really tight situations. Thank you Team Econo! Keep up the Good work!!

Abigail Bristow

Jan 3, 2018
2383 days ago

I highly recommend Econosoft Inc

I have applied to Econosoft Inc twice. Each time, I was hired by the best IT company and able to advance as well to a higher position. I have loved each place I had an assignment. The assignments definitely helped with progressing in my experience and skills. I highly recommend Econosoft Inc to anyone looking for a change in career, or other career opportunities. Thanks Econosoft :)

Ravi Teja

Jun 3, 2019
1867 days ago

Thank you !

I have worked with Econosoft Inc for 6 months contracts, wonderful team. Thank you!